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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Is this the way we use our currency?

Bad state of Indian currency notes

When I recently withdraw money from a bank the state of currency was very pathetic. You can see in the picture how badly this Indian currency note is. At least some twenty notes were in such a bad condition.

I wonder why the bank officials have put these notes in the bundle instead of sending them to Reserve Bank of India for replacement with new one. The reason for such a bad state of the currency notes is because we the people who use it.

Most of the people put these notes in the wallets but some people from rural area's put them in very awkward area's. Some women keep the currency notes in the blouse near the chest, currency note will be in between skin and blouse, so sweating on the body will spoil the currency note.

In the below image hole was made near the face of Gandhi ji courtesy with some cigarette I guess. 

Some people both women and men twist the currency note so badly and keep them in different places in their body where they have storage for these notes. Some lovers write their names along with their loving partners name. Some use the currency note as scribble pad. Like this list goes on and on. Moral of the story is that we the people of India who must be aware that this is currency note and not an ordinary note, should use it properly if not it is loss to us only.

By Vamsi

Monday, March 8, 2010

Buzzing made easy with Google Buzz

Google has always come out with new innovations that are user-friendly. After the popularity of its search engine the Gmail (Google Email service) and Gtalk (Instant messager) got positive response. The reason may be due to the advance features which are not available in other email programs. Initially when Gmail was introduced it was having normal features but Google ameliorate it later. Now if we open a Gmail account you can check email, see who is online without opening Gtalk which was not possible in previous version. Gmail can be accessed from any device due to advanced technologies such as IMAP, POP, forwarding, ActiveSync and web apps. There is facility for archiving and indexing the conversations made through Gtalk in Gmail. So, after introducing such features now Google has found that social networking has to be the next upgrade in Gmail. After seeing the importance of social networking and information sharing from the sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google Buzz was started. This feature integrates social networking and sharing with in Gmail which can also be accessed through mobile.

The Google Buzz icon is just below the inbox link of Gmail, which gives you access to share thoughts and give comments on photos and videos links, with public and private contacts. Main features such as auto following, inbox integration makes it a good service which is not available in Facebook or Twitter.

When the Buzz is opened for the first time you can see list of suggested most used contacts of Gmail and Gtalk as shown in above image. These contacts are automatically shown which can be added to your follower list. Some personal information and photo album, comments cannot be shared with everyone in such case remove the tick in the checkbox before the user you do not want to follow. It means that if the person follows you or vise versa, then only the updates are shown to both of you. The person in you follower list can see your posts and also other people comments on it. Another important thing to note is by default your profile is made public and all Buzz users can see all contacts and the photo albums, videos shared. The settings to change this option can be modified, by selecting setting option where you can find Buzz tab. Select, Do not show these links on my public profile. In the same window you can also select, Do not show Google Buzz in Gmail which will hide the Buzz icon in Gmail. Google Buzz can be disabled using the same option but it will delete the users Google profile and Buzz posts.

One fine thing in the Google Buzz service is the way of displaying shared photos in a full screen view mode. And these pictures are snuggled into your Gmail account which is shown when you access Gmail. Users can integrate with Picasa and Flickr to show their photos, which they want to share publicly on Buzz. But there is a drawback using Picasa as the whole album cannot be shared in the present version of Google Buzz. To share videos, YouTube account can be integrate without any problem or you can directly upload from desktop. Email notification is send to Gmail Inbox whenever you receive comment on your post, when you comment on someone post and when a Buzz is given by one of your contact to start conversation. These email notifications can be restricted to some extent only. In the email, press the More Actions button and select mute, which can stop notification of someone else comments about a post. Though this may be a problem to some people to receive each and every comment, at present Google has not provided any solution.

If compared to other popular sites like Twitter and Facebook the idea of Google Buzz is different. All services at one place is the idea, which is different but previously Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo mail also incorporated this type of service. Due to popularity of sites like Facebook maybe MSN and Yahoo could not get much recognition for such service. Maybe Google is confident about the Google Buzz and launched it when already such services are provided by other popular sites. We do not know the strategy of Google by it has in recent years entered Mobile industry by introducing super smart phone the Nexus One, started an operating system and Internet Browser. Though there are competitors in every industry, it has always tried to bring something new which slowly picks up the market. Take the case of Google chrome, when it was introduced IE and Firefox were already popular in the market. But some advanced features gave Google chrome equal popularity now. When compared to other social networking site Google Buzz is having accessibility via mobile phone. Users having iPhone and Android can access Buzz through their mobiles. There are two ways to access Buzz which is either through Google Mobile’s Website or Google mobile maps. With Buzz on mobile you can figure out the exact location and share it, geotag buzz post which is shown on Google maps, locate people nearby you and see their buzz posts. Another great feature is voice recognition, with which you can post on Buzz. With such advanced technology there is a hope of Google Buzz being accepted slowly.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Morchat is right choice to hang on with friends and earn few bucks as well..

Hello friends, from past few months I am busy with one lovely site that is MoraChat. This site is a paid to post forum and members will be rewarded for their contributions like posting new threads and responding to others threads. In this site spamming and abusing is strictly not allowed and it is taken care very well by Admin and moderators.

How to Register?

Registration is very simple, all one should have is a valid email id. I will provide you the link for you all so that you can easily sign up for an account. For an account in MoraChat one need not have to pay anything, it is free to join.

To Register Click me

After filling up the form an email is send to your valid email that you have provided while registering. So, give a valid email id only..

Who should join?

One who is very much interested in forum discussions and interested in making part time money can join without any hesitation. In MC one can post threads of their own as many as they want and at the same time they can respond to others as many as they can. Initially a member has to reach 200 posts to use each and every feature of MoraChat. This rule is to stop spamming in the site and I loved this rule very much. There are lots of categories a member can explore in MoraChat but responding in some categories a member has to cross 200 posts then only they are allowed to use those categories. Even posting pictures are allowed only after reaching 200 posts. It is not that hard to reach 200 posts, so, do not much worry about it friends..

How will one earn?

One has to be active and daily have to spend 1 hour minimum, each post and response given by you to others threads will be immediately credited to your account. When your balance reaches $9 USD then you will be paid through Paypal. The trick to earn well in this site is work more, get earnings quickly. So, the quality of post and response to others threads should have quality. This will fetch you good income and in quick manner as well.

Payment Proof:

I joined this site just few months back and I was very active. I was paid through Paypal instantly. You can see that payment proof image below:

I am posting this image to show you all that MoraChat is genuine site for payments and one can believe.

Extra Work:

In MC a member can even apply for extra work to earn even more. Lot of contests is organized every month and winners are paid handsomely. "Introduce yourself", is where new member have to introduce themselves by posting a thread about him or her. Immediately after this post, that particular member account will be credited with $1.

Finally, Admin and moderators are awesome and they help members very much and guide them as well. Many times I had faced different issues which troubled me and I use to report Admin or Moderators, they immediately reply like a flash. They always came with solutions to my problems and even when I requested for my payment, the admin paid me just within few hours of time. Such an excellent support is given by MoraChat team. So, friends, do not think much, join the site without wasting much time. I am sure you will love MoraChat like me..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beta Orkut Mobile Application launched to use Orkut on mobiles

Now-a-days, mobile phones are becoming one of the major ways for accessing different social networking sites. You can upload photos, view message and answer them through you mobile phone from anywhere. Almost all the social networking sites are now offering access through mobile phone. Previously, Orkut which is a popular social networking site launched a version of orkut for mobile phones which have become popular. After the popularity now a beta version of orkut mobile application that offers site’s core functionality is introduced by orkut to access features from anywhere.

Beta orkut mobile application is downloadable and can be used on any Java enabled phones. Popular phones such as Nokia N95, Sony W580i and other models which can enable Java feature can experience complete features of orkut using this application. Some of the features of this application include upload photos directly from your phone, you can view scraps, updates and photo albums of your friends even though you are offline, share orkut album via SMS with your friends whether they use orkut or not, call or SMS orkut friends from within the application and automatic updates on your friends contact information or orkut profile.

To install this application type, m.google.com/orkut on your mobile browser which is free to install but mobile provider’s regular charges are applicable. It is available in English and Portuguese and to know the detailed information on supported phones check the orkut help center. Well that's all for now will come back with more soon.. Until then goodbye..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Microsoft planning to launch free anti-virus software!!!

Software major Microsoft Corp is now planning to launch free anti-virus service for personal computers and is competing with other anti-virus software production firms such as Symatec Corp and McAfee Inc. Presently the product is under testing and will soon make a trail version(Beta version), which would be available through its website.

The free version contains basic features for fighting with different range of viruses and is named with code-name “Morro”. Previously Microsoft entered market with Live OneCare which was a flop and then the firm announced that it will come out with free service by end of 2009. Though Microsoft said, users can get protection from several types of malicious software, viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans the competitor are not seeing Morro as a threat. Symantec Consumer division president said that a full Internet security suite is required for both business and personal use which gives complete protection that anti-virus software cannot give. Another security software maker McAfee which is No.2 in makers of security software said, though they are number of free anti-virus software's in the market it is still enjoying its position and growth. He also said the firm is ready to meet the competition from its competitors.

Picture courtesy internet and not my copyrighted

You can download Click here

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